We remove the burden of bookkeeping for business owners

Do you feel buried under a mountain of paperwork? Stressed out by a pile of receipts? Confused by your cashflow position? We can help.

Focused on Profit Accounting works with plenty of people in a similar situation. They often come to us stressed, frustrated and confused from trying to manage their bookkeeping themselves. That’s where we step in.

Bookkeeping needs to be handled by a qualified and experienced professional. Working with advisors like us gives you access to years of expertise and timely insight when we see cashflow or finance problems arise. Our bookkeeping service is all about making life simpler for you. This means we’ll take away the burden of bookkeeping for you, make sure your accounts are up-to-date and accurate and streamline your business while we’re at it. Our full service includes bookkeeping, cashflow help, accounts payable and accounts receivable management and much more.

We manage payroll for businesses of all sizes

Leave it to the professionals

Whether you are a small or established company, payroll can become the stuff of nightmares very easily. But it’s such an important part of running a business (particularly a franchise restaurant) and it’s critical you get it right. Payroll errors can be costly, damaging and leave a negative impression for your staff. It’s on of those things that’s best left to the experts.

Our team have managed the payroll processing for plenty of our clients, including restaurants. We process payroll quickly and accurately, and in accordance with all legal requirements. Federal and state tax requirements can be complex, confusing and overwhelming to those who aren’t experts in the area. We have the expertise to help you navigate your payroll in a cost-effective, timely and compliant manner.

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