Finances don’t have to be complicated

We know many small business owners find accounting, finances and tax stressful and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Focused on Profit Accounting are here to make it simple. Our online accounting service is conducted by real people with real business experience. We love working in the cloud, with technology, apps and real-time data to make life easier for business owners.

As business owners ourselves, we understand just how vital it is to maintain up-to-date and accurate accounts. Focused on Profit Accounting’s accounting service for business owners includes cashflow reporting, budgeting, annual financial statement preparation, account reconciliation, benchmarking, banking and bill payment, audit representation and much more. With Focused on Profit Accounting, you’ll get all the information, support and advice you need to run a successful business.

Working with us brings you many benefits

Business advice that gets you ahead

Our team know the value of solid business advice, and the impact it can have on a business. Firstly, we start by getting to know you as a business owner and your goals. Then we have a thorough look at your business and identify areas to improve. We use plain and simple English to communicate our recommendations and we actually help your implement these changes as well.

A streamlined business

Are your business systems supporting you? Without the right processes, systems and software, your business may not be reaching its full potential. We’ll examine your current setup and make sure you’re using the best possible options for your business. Our focus will always be on saving you time, money or stress.

All your financial needs sorted

At Focused on Profit Accounting, we have an experienced and qualified team who can help with your financial world. We’ll ensure your accounts are up to date, your tax is in order, and you understand the story behind your financial statements.


When starting a new business venture, it can be an exciting, busy and innovative time. But you need to balance your business dream with ensuring you actually make a living. There’s no doubt this time is very exciting, but it can also be very stressful and it can be hard to know where to turn. All too often we see new business owners trying to do the accounting, bookkeeping and payroll on their own, instead of investing in professional help. We understand it can be a tough time for cashflow, but that’s the most vital time to seek accounting advice. Many studies have shown that most business owners wish they engaged an accountant earlier than they did…don’t become one of them!

You’ll want to make sure your business gets off the ground as quickly as possible, and you need a professional advisor to ensure it’s set up correctly and running properly from the beginning. This is precisely where Focused on Profit Accounting can help. We love working with startups because it enables us the opportunity to make sure the business is right from the get go, rather than stepping in at a later time when it’s gotten messy. At Focused on Profit Accounting, we take a different approach. We offer online accounting packages for startups so you can work closely with your advisor, utilize efficient online systems and have full visibility over the true performance of your business right from the start. Speak to our team to find out how we can help you startup and stay up!

Small and Medium Enterprises

The team at Focused on Profit Accounting are experts in accounting for SMEs. We understand the vital role small and medium businesses play in our economy and we know firsthand how difficult it can be running a business of this type. That’s exactly why our team are dedicated to supporting small and medium businesses grow and improve. Our accounting services are designed with small and medium businesses in mind. We offer timely support and communication because we know you’re busy. We deliver accurate and detailed advice because you need to know where to go next. And we provide regular updates and communication so you know exactly what’s going on in your business at all times.

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