Helping franchise restaurants with their financials

Franchise restaurants need an accountant who understands their fast-paced business and the challenges they face. That’s where Focused on Profit Accounting can help.

Our team have been working with franchise restaurant owners for years and we even service the largest franchised sandwich QSR chain in the world, so it’s safe to say we’re experienced.

We understand what you’re going through

Over the years we have developed a unique and detailed understanding of the ups and downs of running a franchise restaurant, including some common challenges and barriers faced every day. A successful business in the hospitality industry requires a certain mix of ingredients:

  • A business owner with passion and desire
  • Dedicated staff
  • An understanding of your customers
  • A good accountant and advisor who actually makes a positive difference

Typically, we see business owners working long hours, struggling with tight or fluctuating cashflow (which is often affected by seasonality and recessions), trying to manage staff, deal with customers and juggle their family life. Raising capital and managing inventory and expenses are also usually an issue. Of course, being part of a franchise also comes with strict rules and requirements to follow as well. As a result, business owners often end up stressed and with a poor quality of life and no future strategy.

Sound familiar? We get it. Our work with the largest franchised sandwich QSR chain in the world has given us deep insights into what you struggle with and a detailed understanding of how we can make it easier.

How we help

Our team are here to help you overcome these challenges. There are many ways we can help including cashflow planning and forecasting, expense management, accounts payable and receivable management, implementation of suitable systems and software, tax saving strategies, payroll management, bookkeeping and accounting.

Our menu of services for franchise restaurants is listed below, but feel free to contact us for a customized solution.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Cashflow analysis, planning and forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Goal Setting (Personal and Business)
  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Systems Review
  • Business Advice and Consulting and much more

Get in touch today and see how we can help your business prosper!

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